Keep Calm and Bake Cookies

My most recent cookie creation: Paw Patrol Cookies for my friend’s son. It seemed easy enough, so I went full speed ahead. No cookie is too big, no mom is too small!

Let me start by saying that I haven’t been decorating cookies for very long. Last year for my own kids’ Frozen themed birthday I delved into the world of royal icing and made snowflake sugar cookies. This was my very first attempt at making fancy decorated cookies. I cheated and used the refrigerated Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough that I bought at the grocery store. But I made all of my own royal icing and did all the designs myself (each snowflake was unique!!!) I was SO FRICKIN PROUD of myself!

IMG_3458 (1)

Since the snowflakes, I’ve matured in my cookie making abilities. No more refrigerated dough for this mommy! I scoured Pinterest and found an AWESOME recipe for the Best Sugar Cookies Ever… and let me tell you, they really are!! They are absolutely perfect for cutouts! Topped off with the Best Royal Icing For Decorating Cookies and you’ve got a recipe for success! I love the almond-orange combo so I used orange extract in the royal icing instead of the vanilla. They are ridiculously good. I’m not biased. It’s the truth.

Fast forward to last Sunday. I baked over sixty cookies easy peasy. Paw Patrol was on a roll!!

Then came time for the icing. This is when things took a drastic turn. No matter how much red gel color I added, it would go not turn red. I added almost a whole bottle of gel color and all I got was a lovely shade of coral. And can I tell you, that shit tasted gross from all that red Wilton gel color! Not exactly what I was going for.

But as a super planner I had a backup gel color to use! Americolor to the rescue! Just kidding. That shit turned coral too. I was panicking. I yelped for help but Ryder was nowhere around. That bastard.

I kept imagining the little man’s perfect little three-year old face cringe when he saw his pink Paw Patrol cookies. I was devastated but giving up was not an option. Tuesday morning, in a last ditch effort I threw some more red gel color into the icing and went to work. That evening,  I dragged my kids back to the store and purchased every single pouch of pre-made Betty Crocker Red Cookie Icing Walmart had on the shelf. I had been defeated by red royal icing, or rather coral royal icing. But at least this kid would have cookies at his birthday party.


That night, after the kids were in bed and I had mentally prepared myself to slather the cookies with the imposter icing I walked by my table and noticed a smear of… could it be… oh thank you Jesus… it turned RED!


After texting my friend and getting the go-ahead for my red versus the pre-made stuff I was ecstatic. I don’t even pretend to know why it took TWO DAMN DAYS to turn a reasonable shade of red. I suppose I needed a little lesson in patience this week.

Chase was [back] on the case! I FINALLY got layer one on the cookies… and then had to wait twenty-four hours to dry. I had a beer to celebrate my hard work, dedication and mild panic attacks.


I added layer two the following night…. and then had to wait twenty-four hours to dry. Another lesson in patience. So I had another beer to pass the time. OK, maybe I had two. Shut up.  


The final touches and these cookies are…

Ready for action Ryder, sir!


Little man gave me two thumbs up, so I call it a success!


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