About Me

I am many things.

I am a wife. I met hubs in college at SUNY Geneseo back in 2003. I fell in love with his Queens accent and his sense of style, only he can pull off a beanie hat and bubble vest year round (and seriously, only he wants to).


I am a mother. I have two ridiculously cute and sassy kids. My daughter is a beautiful, six year old, miniature version of myself. She has the best sense of self and style that I’ve ever seen. I’m in awe of her. But for the record, I do not like arguing with myself. I look at her and wonder how I even still have friends with that attitude! My son is two. He is the ultimate Mama’s Boy and I adore that about him. He may be crazy and he may break everything in sight but I get lost in his cuddles at the end of the day. My Mini and My Guy are my reasons for everything.



I am a teacher. I have been a Special Education teacher since 2005. Currently, I teach a 12:1:1 self contained class in Queens. Every day is different. Every day is crazy. Every day is wonderful. I spend every day doing what I know is best for my students, being their advocate, and making a difference in their lives.


I am a business owner. I recently partnered with the #1 skincare company in the U.S. I received my first promotion within two weeks of launching my business. I enjoy helping people look and feel their best. There is nothing better than a happy, satisfied customer.


I am a baker. Decorating cookies is my therapeutic happy place. I make, bake and decorate custom cookies for my friends and family.


I swear a lot and I make mistakes. But I am fiercely loyal and I am full of passion.

That’s me.